At JT Tec, we specialize in creating immersive and attention-grabbing displays that are ideal for businesses, events, and entertainment venues.

Best led Video wall installtion services

We use top-of-the-line technology and components to ensure that your LED video wall delivers outstanding performance and exceptional image quality. With a keen focus on resolution, size, and viewing distance, we tailor each installation to your unique requirements. You can count on JT Tec to provide you with a visually striking and seamless display solution that captures the attention of your audience.

For businesses, events, or venues in West Babylon, NY, 11704, looking to stand out and create memorable experiences, JT Tec’s LED video walls are the answer.

LED Video Wall Installation Services
LED Video Wall Installation Services


Avoid damage to your sensitive led video wall

Led video walls are a great addition to your home aesthetics. While they look very beautiful and elegant, this sensitive piece of hardware can easily be damaged. If you are deciding to invest in these, we cannot emphasize enough to get a professional to install your led video wall for you. A nonprofessional can easily damage your LEDs even with the slightest mishandling. A small impact with any other object can cause the panels to crack, cause scratches, or do other forms of physical damage. Another important thing to keep in mind is proper ventilation. Experts from Jt Tec are trained to perfectly place them to maintain proper ventilation and cooling. If this is not ensured, these panels can overheat quickly which damages the internal components. In most cases, it will cause color distortion, reduced performance, or even permanent damage. We are famous for our professionalism in NY and provide services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, and Northern New Jersey. Contact us now for a stress-free installation.

Proper led video wall installation

A lot goes into good-looking and elegant video walls. Yes the quality of the video wall itself is very important but it’s almost as important to get the right person for your led video wall installation. Jt Tec is your best bet when it comes to such reliable installation. You might find others but the attention to detail that we offer is unmatched. We focus on the smallest details that others do not even know about. For example, when installing your video walls, our experts will even take into account the humidity of your place. Even the slightest amount of moisture can cause severe damage in the long run. 

If you are planning to install them outside, we recommend getting waterproof enclosures or environmental control features. Another unseen and seamlessly harmless enemy of your LEDs is the air we breathe. Yes, normal air contains a lot of dirt and dust particles suspended in the air. Over time they pile up and can cause issues. You will get professional maintenance tips to ensure that it doesn’t happen to your video walls. We are located in NY and provide services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, and Northern New Jersey. Hire us now for lasting video walls.

What Our Client says

What Our Client says