At JT Tec, we specialize in turning your vision of the perfect home theater into a reality.

Expert TV installation services

Imagine having a dedicated space where you can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows in stunning high-definition, immersive sound, and comfortable seating. With our professional home theater installations, you’ll have the power to bring the magic of the big screen into the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to crowded cinemas and hello to the convenience of watching your favorite content on your terms.

Whether you have a dedicated room for your home theater or want to integrate it into your living space, JT Tec has the expertise to make it happen.

TV Installation Services
TV Installation Services


Perfectly placed TV with our TV installation

Would you like to get a strained neck while watching a live football match? Or would you like to see a reflection of your window on the TV while watching your favorite Netflix series? You wouldn’t. But you might have to, if you hire an incompetent person to install the new TV set that you have just bought. Our expert TV installers have done countless TV installations in all types of residential and commercial settings. From residential apartments, homes, offices, restaurants, and more. Our experts have gained valuable knowledge and experience over time which can add great value to your TV installation. Our 100% customer satisfaction is a proof of our unmatched expertise in installing televisions.  We make sure that the TV is installed at the perfect height and at the perfect angle, keeping in mind the furniture or bed you have. This ensures that while watching the TV, you will not strain your neck due to over arching. Jt Tec is a NY based company providing services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, and Northern New Jersey. Contact us now for perfect installation.

Stable mounting with our TV installation services

TVs are expensive and it takes a responsible person to ensure that they are installed safely. There are so many options when it comes to installing TVs in your home or your commercial property. These include, fixed wall mount, rotating and tilting mounts, placing TVs above fireplace, attaching TVs to the ceiling and many more. The most common of them being the fixed mount wall installation. The reason it’s common is because it’s relatively affordable and looks good. A lot goes into perfect and secure installation which only a professional is aware of. 

At Jt Tec, we put extreme care when installing your TVs as they are very expensive piece of hardware. We make sure that the braces and mounts are of the top quality. We also follow best industry practices when it comes to proper wire management. As a single wire can get tangled in someone’s feet and bring the whole TV setup down. We are located in NY and provide services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, and Northern New Jersey. Call now for safe tv installation services.

What Our Client says

What Our Client says